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Hi, I’m Michelle Khadye,

If you’re a bride, or you are looking for a beautiful gift for yourself or others and you’ve struggled to find it then I’m sure you are now in the right place.

I actually started Stitch Lane almost by accident when I was planning my own wedding.

When I was looking for robes for myself and my bridal party I really struggled.

All I wanted was something;

  • Elegant and comfortable

  • Gorgeous enough to wear in my wedding day photos (the make up and Champagne ones!)

  • Designed with some modesty in mind - not see through

I hunted throughout Australia, and even overseas.

But all I could find where unsophisticated products with really average quality which didn’t reflect in the price tag.

So I actually went directly to the manufacturers and provided them with my requirements.

And what happened next actually surprised me a little…

Most of my friends actually wanted one too.

Especially when they felt the quality of the silk and then saw how beautifully they fitted.

So I met with the supplier in question and asked if they could produce me a small quantity of the robes with 3 different styles.

And now you get to enjoy them too for your special occasion.

(Best of all - you can actually wear the Queen Robe as a layer outside too!).

The robes certainly aren’t ‘cheap’ by the standards you might see on the high street - here’s why;

  • I conducted rigorous testing of samples and materials and landed on 100% silk

  • Silk is made of 100% natural fibre and is hypoallergenic so it’s great if you’ve got sensitive skin or any allergies

  • It’s amazingly comfortable to wear because it’s breathable (so you can wear it all year round)

  • You can actually warm or cold wash the robes - so you don’t need expensive dry cleaning

  • It looks great (isn’t that the best part of all?).

Each of the robes is of the highest quality and they are all handmade so you get a beautifully finished robe delivered to your door with gift wrapping (and a cute little ribbon and box too).

With that being said - I only produce a very small amount of these robes.

They are not mass production - there’s plenty of that already available on the high street.

These are something special. But then YOU deserve something special.

If you’ve got a question about anything on the site please let me know using the CONTACT page.

Enjoy your Stitch Lane robe - I know you’ll love it the same way I do.

Michelle x

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