It all started when…

Michelle Khadye, the owner and founder of Stitch Lane, was getting married and saw the lack of quality robes around. She set her sights on creating an online store that would house 100% high quality silk robes that the customer can use forever!

After Michelle designed the robes, she sampled a number of manufacturers before finally choosing the perfect supply partner due to their collaborative approach, their keen eye for detail, quality silk on hand, skilled craftsmanship and above all a safe and healthy work environment. Our silk robes are a testament to this process.

We also conducted rigorous testing with samples of many different materials and a variety of cuts for the robes. We chose to use 100% silk because -

  • Silk is made of 100% natural fibers and is a fantastic hypoallergenic material. Perfect if you have asthma, allergies or sensitive skin

  • Silk is breathable and feels warm in winter and cool in summer

  • Silk is more durable than artificial fabrics and will last much longer

  • Silk can be either warm or cold washed - it doesn’t need to be dry cleaned!

  • Silk has a simmering visual effect, while satin is glossy

So what are you waiting for? Shop now!