I’m feeling super feminine and glamorous wearing it! Definitely worth the money
— Sanna Hjort



Are you a bride looking for the perfect robe for your wedding morning shots?

Are you a fashionista looking to wear a robe as a cape over pants, a dress or your favourite high waisted skirt?

Or are you a woman wanting to feel instantly relaxed and glamorous when you put on a silk robe after having a shower? 

Empower yourself and shop our collection now

  • Stitch Lane Robes are 100% Silk

  • Our designs are unique

  • The robes have been manufactured to have a comfortable fit, so you look AND feel sexy!

  • All our robes are readily available to be posted from Brisbane, Queensland

  • We guarantee that your purchase will be in the post the next day

  • Each robe will arrive individually gift-wrapped

  • We can also provide custom embroidery

Luxurious Silk Robes

Our silk robes have been custom designed by Michelle Khadye. We sampled a number of manufacturers before finally choosing our supply partner. While making this decision we required a collaborative approach by the supplier, their keen eye for detail, quality material, skilled craftsmanship and above all a safe and healthy work environment. Our silk robes are a testament to this process.

We also conducted rigorous testing with samples of many different materials and a variety of cuts for the robes. We chose to use 100% silk because -

  • Silk is made of 100% natural fibers and is a fantastic hypoallergenic material. Perfect if you have asthma, allergies or sensitive skin

  • Silk is breathable and feels warm in winter and cool in summer

  • Silk is more durable than artificial fabrics and will last much longer

  • Silk can be either warm or cold washed - it doesn’t need to be dry cleaned!

  • Silk has a simmering visual effect, while satin is glossy

So what are you waiting for? Shop now!

Our Story

Stitch Lane arose when I realized a gap in the market for quality, comfortable and elegant robes. I thought it was about time to bring some to the table!

You know that feeling when you go to a day spa and put on a soft, luxurious robe and you feel invincible. Well that's the instant sensation I want you to experience when you wear our robes. 

Our robes are perfect for wearing while getting ready for a big day or night out, lounging around at home, or simply falling asleep in them. 

If you have any questions about the robes, feel free to contact me at hello@stitch-lane.com.  

I hope you feel as glamorous in the robes as I do!”

Michelle Khadye